Any TV show starts with an idea that can be original, an adaptation of the structure of existing programs of which the rights are acquired (the so-called format), or from facts or actual events.

Once budget established, AL Eventi is able to define the artistic and technical design: the first deals with the recruitment and organisation of all creative elements of the program, while the second concerned procurement and organisation all the technical elements.

Then there are used all the resources prepared and the shooting. The realisation consists of two main parts: 

  • The preliminary operations involving the preparation of the technical equipment, the realisation of the support material, drafting of texts, ladder, set design, rehearsal, connection, location of the audience, participants and guests.
  • The realisation of shooting.

In both the phases, AL Eventi’s staff proves to have organisational and planning skills, creativity, inventiveness, curiosity, aesthetic sense and artistic sensibility, as well as excellent knowledge of shooting techniques, editing, optical rules, image’s language and the ability to adapt to new technologies. Each professional figure of the team possesses persuasive skills to guide the staff on, he can entertain good interpersonal relationships, knows the most advanced computer programs for graphic processing, the methods and the production flows.

Working with the director and production designer in the composition of the shots and stylistic choices and with the lighting technicians for the positioning of the headlights in order to get the right lighting conditions for shooting, AL Eventi is responsible for:

  • Stage lighting.
  • Disposition of the lights.
  • Framing composition.
  • Control of camera movements.
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