The trade fairs have always been the main marketing tool of the exporting countries. The exhibits are limited to a sub-fund or specialised segment of a given industrial sector. In the fairs indeed, exhibitions offer an interactive platform by contributing to of the markets and its segments. The fairs also have an important commercial function as it can deepen services and give/receive detailed information, because  customers, representatives of companies and press officers attend them.

Organising a trade fair has not only the goal of bringing together supply and demand but also to create a business on its own able to move in some cases many assets.

Also every exhibition, over time tends to evolve and its promoters must be able to perceive the changes and the necessary implementations to which the fair, like every business, must be submitted.

AL Eventi provides advice to promoters in the management of each part of the preparation: a trade fair is an event that must be prepared in advance many months ago with care and attention.

The society helps to choose:

  • The eligible logistics space: they are generally created and designed exclusively or primarily for this kind of use.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors: they are the first customers that the company will meet and contact, forming the heart of the fair.
  • The visitors: are customers for both exhibitor and organiser inasmuch they pay the ticket and take advantage of the various services provided at the fair, such as bars and restaurants.
  • Each logistic aspect about audio, video and lights systems and exhibition stands, including technical and reception personnel.
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