A live show, whether it is prose theatre, opera, ballet, concerts, musicals, cabaret, or any entertainment that includes the presence of one or more artists who exhibit in front of an audience, requires an implementation effort and contest many different skills. The contribution of each of the people involved is essential to the final goal pursuit namely the creation of a level artistic product, able to collect the public acceptance.

The realisation of a live show, then, is a team effort, in which the skills of those who do not appear before the public are as important as the talent of those who appear before the viewer. 

From an idea of the show, AL EventI can give support in the choice of the artistic cast and to provide advice on any organisational aspect, dealing with the technical organisation and distribution of any theatrical performance.

By virtue of the know-how acquired over the years by the whole team, it offers a service of organisation and consulting for the planning of theatrical and musical events, based on direct contacts with production companies and repertory theatres around the country.

It also offers various services related to the image, marketing and communication of a show, an exhibition or an event, coordinating and optimising the search for all the necessary services, from transport to research of the rehearsal room, from printing of advertising materials to the creation of websites to advertise the show.

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