AL Events offers a professional staff and a network of professionals which guarantees variety and quality of services, with knowledge and experience in the field

skill personale


With excellent leadership skills, personnel control and work organization, the Technical Director manages activities related to any type of production, following all the stages of implementation so the event takes place in a correct and perfect way. He also has high interpersonal and communication skills to be able to involve in the project the various necessary technical for logistics of the event.

skill direttore tecnico


The artistic director is responsible for designing, planning and organizing the event, identifying the theme and managing the professional network that revolves around, thus creating interest and curiosity from the public. The artistic choices are the core around which to build communication and successful marketing strategies. The artistic director is able to calibrate his choices through careful evaluation and putting in all his experience, to implement an artistic proposal that is in balance with the economic needs without compromising on quality and innovation.

Heart & Fashion - Musica, Danza & Moda


Knowing how to use light in order to employ it, according to different needs is necessary because the visual impact is effective for the success of the event. The director of photography has the skill to handle light and governing images and scenes, whatever it is, as a TV show, a movie or a show.

The Hateful Eight


AL Eventi employs highly qualified personnel with many years of experience, specialising in the construction of sets, audio systems, video systems and lighting systems to attend the event in every detail.

Hip Hop TV Arena


Each event requires an artistic organisation that strikes with its spectacularization and AL Eventi provides artists of all types and hospitality professionals carefully selected according to the excellent image, linguistic expertise and a great attitude to the relationship with the public.

skill artisti