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The Press Office is acting on behalf of an entity, a company, a structure, public or private, or even a single individual in all dealings with the outside public. It interacts with journalists, exploiting the various media:

  • Print
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Web
skill ufficio stampa


To start with the right sprint, AL Eventi offers corporate promotion’s tools like: physical and digital presentation brochure and press release.

The tools available to the client are:

  • Creation of advertising campaigns
  • Display campaigns and pay per click
  • Definition of above-the-line tools
skill marketing


AL Eventi has a highly professional equipment, which respects the required FULL HD standard, like Osmo videocamera in 4K (Arri, Sony, Canon and Osmo), and OBI Van Multi cameras, to realize high quality videos and photoshoots.

In particular with AL Eventi customers can create:

  • Screenplay and production of audio and video commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Promotional video
  • Post-production and color correction
skill produzione pubblicitaria


AL Eventi studies the most efficient solutions to improve clients’ visibility, thanks to reports on press, radio and the presence on TV shows.

The contact with own audiences is developed through:

  • Paper and bright billboards
  • Radio Campaigns
  • Organisation of press events (presentations, press conferences, press tours)
  • Interviews with key figures of the companies
skill media relationship