Corso primo soccorso


June 2017

AL Eventi, in collaboration with A.S.I. Ambiente e Sicurezza, organizes a 12-hour first aid course for the second half of June 2017.

It will take place in two days, divided as follows:

– a day (8 hrs) concerning the theoretical part;

– half day (4 hrs) concerning the practical part.

The maximum number of participants is 25 people.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Italia Travel Awards


Italia Travel Awards, the award honouring the commitment and expertise in tourism, is a prestigious award in the travel business dedicated to the Italian tourist industry.

This year AL Eventi organises the second edition, already greeted with enthusiasm by both institutions, who have decided to support the project, both from the companies for which the occasion is an important showcase not only on the Italian territory.

The award ceremony of the top rated tourism industry leaders will take place in the second half of May in Rome with a gala dinner during which the winners are announced. On stage to present the evening there will be for the second consecutive year Roberta Lanfranchi, now mistress of the Italia Travel Awards and great lover of travel, a feature that sets her apart.

With its gala and awards ceremony in the picturesque setting of the Roman Aquarium, in the heart of the capital, ITALIA TRAVEL AWARDS encourages and promotes professionalism in the travel business and the national and international tourism: a unique and original event, a true night of the Oscars dedicated to the Italian tourism.