AL Eventi realises ultra HD videos and 3D virtual room, which meet the client’s needs, with customised rendering to always achieve the best result. By providing high-quality rendering, it’s offered to the customers the chance to see the event in 360 degrees and to experience a preview.

With AL Events, are realised:

  • Photorealistic 3D
  • Motion Graphics 3D & 2D
  • Color Correction
  • Compositing
  • Visual Effects
motion capture


Virtual is now a commercial reality: the device designed for gaming in virtual reality, allows to live total experience of virtual worlds they are not necessarily of the games. VIVE offers completely virtual environment, where user is isolated from the surrounding reality to enter in a new world full of surprise, which can be an exotic place or a surreal area.

AL Eventi’s VIVE creates:

  • Virtual Reality
  • VFX Real Time
  • 3D Motion Capture Realtime
realtà virtuale


Depending on kind of project, it’s realised: rendering, realistic schemes and 3D presentations of location’s layout, lighting design with evaluation of electrical loads and lighting engineering calculation checks.

Services offered are:

  • Architectural Rendering
  • Light concept
  • Preliminary project
  • Project for construction and site assistance
  • Post-project assistance
skill render


The Augmented Reality is an interactive graphic system which allows to operate on a flow of images and live videos, turning the environment into a digital interface by placing virtual objects and animations in the real world, in real-time.

With the AR support AL Eventi helps to:

  • Promote advertising campaign on web and mobile devices.
  • Create integrated solutions for events.
  • Increase the participations with unique and engaging solutions.
realtà aumentata


The videomapping technique consists in projecting on a surface, for example of a building, a monument, a car, a scenery and anything else an object or a series of animations, editing and playing with the geometry of the surface itself.

AL Eventi realizes:

  • ​videomapping and 3D projections for events on monuments and buildings.