The gala dinner is a more formal way and probably the ideal way to share a nice moment between colleagues outside of the corporate environment. In fact, it is a convivial moment, organised in an attractive and exciting environment, designed to close an event, an initiative promoted by a public or private entity, a business convention or meeting of training, with the aim to let participants in a nice memory, essential to give them optimally even the training sessions and working experiences done before.

The ideal balance for perfect reception requires the presence of many components, which, combined with each other, give a surprising and unforgettable touch to the event.

AL Eventi gives the customer the possibility to choose different services to make the gala dinner a unique and important event: starting from the location, such as villas and stately homes throughout the country, guarantees the construction of spaces with elegant and exclusive kits and the most appropriate floral decorations.

It also supports the choice of menu dishes and catering service or restaurant best suited for the environment and for your guests. The menu choice is in fact not at all obvious and indeed turns out to be central to the success of a gala dinner, as much as the reception managed by professional hostesses and stewards available to guests for the duration of the gala.

Finally AL Eventi also helps the customer for artistic entertainment, which can range from a live musical accompaniment or any kind of animation as singers, magicians and more.

cena di gala