The convention is now a basic tool in the internal corporate communication, as it addresses issues that affect the management, operation and development of all company resources, both human, strategic and functional. In general, the convention includes business meetings, award ceremonies, entertainment and social events designed to motivate and enhance the enthusiasm of the participants, as well as moments of reflection.

The business convention is therefore an important opportunity for interaction and exchange, a unique opportunity in which the different business cores communicate with each other, in order to promote team spirit, strengthen the identification with the company and consolidate the principle of “all responsible for customer satisfaction” regardless of the role. It is a great moment of sharing and is an opportunity for comparison between the company management and human resources employed in various locations and in various detachments.

The business convention remains, therefore, one of the most important training sessions and strategic for a business enterprise. So keeping well clear objectives for which it organises the convention, the choice of the logistics of organising the event, as well as the choice of the most profitable tools to achieve them, are critical and must be prepared in the case to provide for their possible variations on the theme.

AL Eventi offers companies a wide choice of location, equipment, host types and all technical aspects that determine the success of the convention. The total event management by the company, allows the customer to have a single connecting element to interface, so that it can maintain control over the entire process and avoid waste resources in the planning and implementation of operational processes, but especially appreciate the professionalism and experience of a professional staff that is able to satisfy all requests, even the most original and personalised.

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