The live shows like concerts are events for excellence and have the ability to engage audiences on multiple levels, from the imagination to the emotional connection, from the fantasy to the education. The live shows are often targeted entertainment solutions, different for each type of situation and target that you want to achieve.

With its long experience in the industry, AL Eventi has the ability to always find the best solution to meet the customer’s needs: the organisation of a concert or a live show, provides the artistic and technical direction and services of location’s research, logistics and organisational management and press office, communication and promotion with the national medias.

Moreover AL Events provides the technical facilities to carry out the stage, sound systems, lighting and video equipment, technical personnel for installation and disinstallation of structures and the security personnel, hostesses and stewards for the reception of the artists and ticket service as well as management of backstage with after party, the management of the accommodation and artists’ transfers with a driver service.

Concerti e tour musicaliConcerti e tour musicaliConcerti e tour musicali