There are several aspects that allow to categorised the big events as such, besides to their nature and their content: the dimensional scale, the economic consequences generated, the characteristics of service activities which bring with them, the structures and the professionals involved, the target audience and the role of media of communication.

One of the most important characteristics of big events, despite the limited duration, concern to its implications which can have long-term effects, both in the preparation phase, both in the permanent consequences, both for participants and for the companies that have commissioned them.

The organisation of big events is then a greatly significant moment at which it’s essential recognise always new ownership and identity.

With AL Eventi every creative idea can turn into a success, thanks to the careful project, the choice of location, the design of the stands aimed at upgrading the event and the precision of every single detail.

Through a team of specialised partners in different fields, it meets customer requirements realising the project in all its components, from the study to the material execution.

With professionalism, timeliness in responses and mastery of the latest technologies, AL Eventi coordinates every aspect to make unique and unforgettable every single opportunity. In particular for big events, it offers great projections and audio, lighting and video service, making spectacular even the simplest event.

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