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Alexander Molinari

Alessandro Molinari comes from an artistic family and from an early age was drawn towards the theatre and the culture of beauty. After graduating from the Cinematic and TV institute called “R.Rossellini” he started working for various event companies such as PRG, AED, Agorà, Di.BI, Madema, AMG and MMS.
His career has developed from a programming lights electrician, assisting the great directors of photography to a Lighting Designer. His career has always been growing and developing and this can be seen through his work in tours and shows abroad.
His love is lighting, his passion is to emphasize the scattered natural scenery around the city as a background to festivals, musicals, fashion shows, weddings, parades and more.
Since the year 2000 he has designed, as Photography Director, television programmes broadcasted on Rai, Mediaset, La7 and Sky.
Abroad he has worked for Dubai One, Dubai Sport TV, Antenna 3 di Madrid and Grimaldi Forum Montecarlo.
To never abandon his passion for the theatre and live performances, he continues to collaborate with manufacturers of technical equipment, such as HighEnd, Clay Paky, DTS, Martin and Robe. He tests and improves their products and cooperates with distributors such as Leading Technology, Boose and CDS Europa.
Molinari is the Creative Director of the Molinari Art Centre for the production of lighting courses and international presentations of audiovisual materials and has been the Director of Molinari Technology since 2014.
Since 2016 Molinari has been the Lighting Designer and General Manager for the company AL EVENTI.
Molinari shares the thoughts of a great 1900’s playwright George Bernard Shaw “You use mirrors to look at your face and use art to look at the soul”.